Going on tour through a cultural and diverse country such as Egypt is a must for all travellers and would-be travellers or holidaymakers. There is something for everyone in this place such as adventure, mystery and fun.

There are a lot of travel agencies with very good specials on their Egypt packages, so it would benefit you to contact a few of them and compare some prices on travelling fees and accommodation.

The most famous sites in Egypt that you can visit is obviously the pyramids but you should never think that that is all there is to see. The statues of the old Pharaohs and the Sphinx is really something to see and you will stand in awe of the sheer size of these magnificent and ancient structures.

The Nile River is mentioned in the Bible and is a big attraction to tourists all over the world.

We in South Africa are very lucky to be fairly close to this country because we do not have to travel that far to get to this beautiful country.

Another big attraction in Egypt is Mount Sinai where according to the Bible, Moses climbed up to the top where he was handed the Ten Commandments by God.

You will be able to climb up the very steps that were climbed by Moses all those years ago and be surrounded by the divine atmosphere that speaks of miracles and Godly happenings.

The Red Sea is also very popular amongst holiday goers and tourists.

This is where Moses lifted his wooden stick over the waters so that they parted and the Israelites could move safely through and away from the Pharaoh and his army.

Just being in that place gives you a humbling feeling and an experience that you will never forget.

There are also many museums to visit in Egypt that will give you more information on the country and their culture and traditions. Interestingly, there was a news article that made the headline a couple of years ago where archaeologists claimed to have found the remains of the Pharaoh’s chariots who were submerged in the Red Sea after the Israelites reached the other side of it.

Egypt which is in the northern part of Africa is the most fascinating country in Africa and what’s a better way to see Egypt than with Egyptian Tours. On a Egyptian tour not only will you see some of the most interesting and ancient monuments Egypt has to offer, you will also learn about Egypt’s history.

There are many types of Egyptian tours you can choose to go on, all as interesting as the first. When you go on Egyptian tours you will see Ancient Egypt in a new light. You will see all the ancient monuments built in ancient Egyptian times.

When you want to go on a Egyptian tour, look around for possible packages that will benefit you in having the most enjoyable experience from your tour.

You could start off your Egyptian tour in Cairo.

There you can find out some general information on the beautiful country and you may see some of the ancient monuments. Cairo is the capital of Egypt is unique and splendid in so many ways. You can see it best with a range of Egyptian tours.

Egypt offers a variety of sites, although most of the tourists seem to like the pyramids and mummies. The site of Meydum is famous for its collapsed pyramid and that can be an interesting site. There are rock cut tombs and cruises available on the Nile. While drifting down the beautiful Nile, africa’s longest river, you can go back in time, imagining what all happened on that river also dating back to when Moses drifted in his grass basket along the river.

You can look at all the fascinating temples of Cleopatra aswell as of other Gods and Goddesses from ancient Egypt or even of the famous Pharohs. The most perfect preserved temple from ancient Egypt is Edfu Temple of Horus. Another well kept temple is the Kalabsha Temple. Another interesting place you could visit is Nubia Museum, you can end any tour by flying to Abu Simbel. This will be the best ending to all Egyptian Tours.
If you want the full Egyptian feel, go on a luxury egyptian tour and see what all Egypt has to offer.