It is well known that a wedding can become a very costly affair but this needed to be so. You can still have the wedding you have dreamed about without it cutting a deep hole in your bank account. The trick is thinking carefully about what is it you want and what you can do without. Start off with dreaming about what your ideal wedding would be – within reason of course! If a wedding on a beach in Mauritius is out of the question then direct your dream wedding to something more plausible.

Once you have a good idea of what kind of wedding you want you can start looking at what is most important to you and where you can save money. Here are some tips to help you learn how to save on your wedding.

One Of The Most Expensive Areas Of A Wedding Is Its Size

The number of people you want to have on your wedding day will quickly determine how much you have to fork out. So it goes without saying that downsizing the guest list is a good way to save money on your wedding. While ideally, it would be great to have everyone witness your special day if you think about it there will be some people that you find you don’t need to have there. Write a list of your closest friends and family and start crossing names when you start feeling you are obliged to invite them. The fewer number people you have at your wedding, the less money you have to fork in catering and invitation costs.

The Décor Is Another Key Area To Save Money On Your Wedding

By having fewer guests you also won’t need to decorate as many tables. You can also choose to rent fewer bigger tables rather than smaller tables as this will save money on centrepieces, tablecloths and settings. The same principle goes for flowers and the cake; choose flowers that are in season and consider having a smaller cake with a sheet cake to ensure everyone gets a slice.

The Date Of The Wedding Is Also Another Important Consideration

If you have your wedding during the high season then renting out a space for the ceremony and reception can easily cost you double compared to having it off-season. When it comes to the invitations there’s nothing more personal and creative than making your own invites and this will save you a bundle too!

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

There are many tips, templates and designs to choose from online, which makes designing your own wedding invitations that much easier. You can also send save-the-date cards via email instead of traditional mail to further save money. These tips cover some of the key areas where you can learn how to save money on your wedding while still having the day you have always dreamt about.

Tips on Finding Affordable Wedding Locations

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding from the guest list and the flower arrangements to the wedding dress and the location. The location can eat up your budget alarmingly and if you have only so much to spend on your wedding, you want to try and cut costs where possible. With a few handy tips you will be able to save on your wedding location while still having the day you have always dreamed about.

The first and most important tip when it comes to finding affordable wedding locations is to think a little out of the norm. The wedding industry has become a huge money-making business and the most popular places where weddings take place will also be the most expensive to rent as a result.

Traditional Wedding Locations Such As Clubhouses, Fancy Hotels And Up-market Resorts Will Come With A Huge Price Tag.

Instead, think about the kind of wedding you and your partner would like to have that compliments your personality as a couple rather than what the most popular wedding locations tend to be. Would you like to get married on the beach? In a church? Outside in a beautiful garden perhaps?

More and more parks are also catering for wedding ceremonies and receptions at pretty reasonable rates plus the added bonus of having parking facilities available too. In terms of the reception, holding it at a local restaurant can be a fun and affordable alternative for example.

There are so many options out there that with a bit of imagination and searching around you will be able to find a wedding location that is just as beautiful but far less costly.

Aside from thinking out of the box and exploring your options more widely, another key way to cut costs on wedding locations is the season and time of reservation. The earlier you book the more affordable the price tag will be. It also goes without saying that having a wedding in the high season will be that much more expensive compared to the off-season so keep this in mind too.