Examine your metrics before settling on which pieces of content to repurpose. Take note of what has worked well in the past, and consider what can be done to produce a new and exciting experience. Investigate your past publications to locate content that could be improved by being updated. If the material were reprocessed, there is a good chance that it could be valuable because of its history of success as well as the themes that are currently relevant. If you are at a loss for ways to proceed, please find the following suggestions below: 

Convert Your Blog Posts Into Audio or Video Podcasts

Create an episode of your podcast based on a blog post that you’ve found that contains content that you’d like to delve deeper into. Podcasts are a platform that can be used to deliver content that is “dry” or “difficult” in an easily comprehensible manner. It’s possible that an episode of your podcast could be based on a comprehensive guide that you’ve written that has a lot of different sections. 

Additionally, podcasts are more easily accessible. As opposed to reading a blog post on a personal computer, audiences would simply be to access the data while they are on the move. This may also increase the number of people who view your content. 

An episode of your podcast, or a sequence of episodes, allows you to elaborate on the knowledge and offer examples that you’ve drawn from the post in a manner that is engaging. You are also welcome to provide any newly discovered information. When it comes to distribution, you should promote the podcast through social networks and mailing list content approaches. Additionally, you should place the podcast at the very top of the current blog article. 

Transform Internal Information Into Case Studies

What various types of information do you obtain, and does it logically make sense once you have them? There is leeway to utilize the information that you gather to create a case study if you evaluate the effectiveness of traffic, gather information on SEO, or collect information related to online networking metrics. You can try to discover something new while also concluding the information that you have collected in your past content. 

Transforming information you’ve gathered into a case study has numerous advantages, one of which is that it shows your readers that you are competent at interpreting this information. This provides a supplemental air of credibility to your blogging content. An additional benefit of research is that it off you the opportunity to evaluate the correlation between the important decisions you have made for your business and the results that they have produced. 

You might publish a blog entry about a case study as a means of distribution, or you could employ it as a content offering that can potentially increase conversion rates. It can also take the form of a personalized download special that is only for email subscribers. 

Use the Content of Your Website as Video Content

Video content is enjoyed by 85 percent of all people who use the internet. Making a short video is a substitute for creating a podcast as a way of spreading data; similarly, blog entries already include a large quantity of helpful information. 

Video content is engaging and enjoyable. Some people who are visual learners, find that viewing video editions of blog articles, even if they just entail a person talking, is more enjoyable for them. A video that includes enticing visuals offers the opportunity to intrigue the viewer even further. 

If your content marketing strategy for YouTube already exists, producing a video that uses content from an existing blog article might fit perfectly with that content strategy. Utilizing this strategy, your content will be made accessible on multiple different platforms. 

Adding a video to a blog entry is yet another method of distributing this type of content and can easily be part of your web design strategy as well. You have the choice of attaching a “Video” to the headline, keeping the introduction, and utilizing the video as the basis of the material instead. Skimmers are people who are only willing to obtain the most important information in a short period. 

Collect Material to Use in an Ebook

If increasing the number of content you provide is among the objectives you have for your company, you may want to think about compiling a sequence of content into an ebook. This content could include interview questions or processes for data analysis, as well as templates you’ve designed. 

Ebooks are a great way to increase the legitimacy of your company and serve as great content offers. An ebook can contain a wide variety of topics; for instance,  search engine optimization (SEO), channel growth, advertising psychology, customer service, and professional guidance, to mention just a few. 

Since the majority of it has been written, publicizing an ebook comprised of information that you already possess will reduce the amount of work that you need to do. If everything went according to plan, all that would be left to do is organize the content, publicly release it, and then distribute it. 

You have the option of not only turning the ebook into a conversion opportunity but also incorporating eBook promotion into a content marketing strategy for LinkedIn. An announcement of an ebook made to business connections on LinkedIn, which is a forum for networking opportunities, attracts a target audience that is interested in that industry. 

Use Firsthand Accounts for Social Media Posts or Product Pages

Have you been given any particularly compelling feedback regarding the quality of your product? You can incorporate this content into your strategy for social media or use it to strengthen the product page you already have. 

Consumers who wouldn’t consider buying from a company in the absence of reading a firsthand account are more likely to be drawn in by a business that prominently displays consumer reviews. In addition to this, it demonstrates to clients that your company has already earned the trust of other audience members. 

Customer relationships can also be strengthened through the use of testimonials. Customers will get the impression that their opinions are being taken into consideration and heard when reviews and testimonials are given prominent display. 

Include Recent Information in Previously Published Blog Entries

Continuously updating your older blog entries ought to be an integrated component of your content marketing strategy. It is not necessary for a significant number of articles that contain useful information to be consigned to the archives. When you are going through the archives of your blog, look for posts that could still be useful if you made a few adjustments to them. Keeping blog posts current is another fantastic way to save time. You don’t need to write an entirely new post, and the majority of the content is already in publishable form. Bringing the information up to date is all that is required of you. 

When it tends to come to dispersion, you have the option of indicating in the post’s title that the content has been revised to include recent developments. It attracts readers who are looking for the most recent data, and it provides readers who have previously enjoyed the post with a lovely refresher on what they liked about it. 

Include Relevant Statistics in Your Content for Social Media

The information that has been gathered can be turned into a visual and used to add variety to the posts that are shared on social media. You could, for example, transform a statistic about millennials who read blogs into an interactive viewing experience if you have access to such data. 

The inclusion of statistical data on a social networking page, such as that Instagram or LinkedIn, lends an air of veracity to the page as a whole. It demonstrates to the general public that your company places a high priority on using accurate industry information as a component of your brand. 

You can try utilizing various platform features for dispersion if a statistic on the newsfeed does not fit in with the strategic plan you are currently employing if this is the case. For example, you can develop a highlight for statistics on Instagram Story and then publish them to that highlight. In this way, you will be able to incorporate statistics into your content marketing strategy in a manner that does not disrupt the flow of the strategy.

To Conclude

As mentioned in the article “Content Marketing Trends As We Sail Into 2023”, published by Engage Platform, “It is anticipated that the potential for content repurposing will persist into 2023 and beyond. Therefore, always be on the lookout for fresh, innovative, and engaging ways to repackage and redistribute your content, such as an engaging guide or a video.”